John Mastrototaro, PhD

John Mastrototaro, PhD, has over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, leading innovation and bringing new products to the market. Before becoming CEO of Movano, he was the COO of Orthosensor, Inc., which was acquired by Stryker (NYSE: SYK). Previously, Mastrototaro spent the majority of his career with Medtronic and MiniMed, where he was instrumental in initiating and leading a series of firsts in the world of diabetes, including the ambulatory continuous glucose monitoring system, the sensor augmented insulin pump and the early generations of the artificial pancreas. During his tenure in Medtronic’s Diabetes division, Mastrototaro held a number of positions, including CTO, VP of R&D and Business Development and Global VP of Clinical Research and Health Affairs. He was also Medtronic’s first VP of Informatics, where he helped develop a corporate strategy for the use of data and analytics to improve healthcare delivery.

Michael Leabman
Founder & CTO
Michael Leabman is an MIT-educated, serial entrepreneur with expertise in airborne reconnaissance for the government. Leabman has founded four RF-based start-ups, and led his last company to IPO. He has over 200 patents issued in smart antenna array for telecom/power. Leabman has brought a team of seasoned engineers, many of whom have worked with him over the past 23 years, to apply their leading-edge expertise to Movano’s designs.
J. Cogan, CFA
J. Cogan, CFA, brings 24-years of experience on Wall Street to Movano. As portfolio manager at Ascend Capital, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, and senior equity research analyst for Banc of America Securities, he specialized in the consumer, media and technology sectors. At Movano, Cogan is charged with overseeing corporate strategy, capital raising and financial planning and analysis. Cogan received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.
Phil Kelly
VP of Engineering
Phil Kelly began teaching electrical engineering, and since then has built a career working on projects that explore the understandings of technology and building products that extend performance boundaries. Kelly has served as Chief Scientist and directed systems engineering primarily for startups and defense companies where advanced engineering concepts merged with design innovations and antennas, antenna arrays, processing and electronics.