Movano Health Awarded Three New Core Patents Validating its Cutting-Edge Approach to Radio Frequency-Enabled Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring

Movano Health Awarded Three New Core Patents Validating its Cutting-Edge Approach to Radio Frequency-Enabled Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring

March 14, 2023

Company developed its proprietary radio frequency technology to improve upon accuracy, cost and the size of wearable health technology

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Movano Health (Nasdaq: MOVE), a purpose-driven healthcare solutions company at the intersection of medical and consumer devices and makers of the Evie Ring, has been granted three new patents (2 US; 1 China) further safeguarding the Company's systems and methods for radio frequency-enabled health monitoring with specific protection for health parameters of blood glucose levels, blood pressure and heart rate. These new patents extend Movano Health's growing IP portfolio to 21 patents issued and 38 pending.  Of note is US Pat No. 11,583,199, a foundational patent that enables Movano Health to measure health metrics using amplitude or phase information from its proprietary System-on-a-Chip (SoC).

"We are committed to elevating the standards of wearable health technology and aim to create more accurate, flexible and cost-effective wearable solutions that monitor health metrics, including glucose and blood pressure, non-invasively and without a cuff," said John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano Health. "To do so, we're taking a different approach than our predecessors in the wearable space. Rather than using optical sensors, we've made a significant investment in developing a proprietary RF-enabled SoC. Our SoC gives us the opportunity for increased accuracy, is more compact, allowing us to build smaller devices and the materials are more cost-effective. These new patents are a crucial component of protecting our investment in RF and our SoC, and they are helping us emerge as a leader in RF within the health space."

Movano Health's SoC combines multiple antennas and a variety of frequencies in the smallest ever RF-enabled integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for blood pressure or glucose monitoring systems. Movano Health has spent more than five years building this novel sensor technology from the ground up in an effort to achieve an unprecedented level of precision in health monitoring. The SoC is being integrated into Movano Health's smallest wrist worn wearable to date and will be tested in clinical studies in March 2023. After further testing, the Company plans to incorporate the SoC into its wearable devices in the future.

The new patents include:

  • US Pat. No. 11,583,199 (systems for health monitoring using radio waves that include mixing signals at different frequencies): This core patent covers an RF-based health monitoring device that includes signal processing circuits specifically designed to improve RF-based health monitoring.
  • US Pat. No. 11,576,586 (methods for radio wave-based health monitoring that utilize data derived from amplitude and/or phase data): This patent covers methods for health monitoring that include signal processing techniques specifically designed to improve RF-based health monitoring.
  • Chinese Pat. No.: ZL201980084505.1 (methods and systems for multi-band radar-based sensing): This patent covers Movano Health's RF multi-band chip and represents the Company's continuing effort to secure IP protection for its novel RF chip architecture in key foreign jurisdictions.

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About Movano Health 
Founded in 2018, Movano Inc. (NASDAQ:MOVE) dba Movano Health is developing a suite of purpose-driven healthcare solutions to bring medical-grade, high-quality data to the forefront of consumer health devices. Featuring modern form factors, Movano Health's devices capture a comprehensive picture of a person's vital health information and uniquely translate the data into personalized and intelligent insights that empower consumers to live healthier and more balanced lives. Movano Health's end-to-end solutions will soon enable consumers, caretakers, and healthcare professionals to utilize daily medical-grade data as a tool to proactively monitor and manage their health.  For more information on Movano Health, visit

Movano Health's Evie Ring, which is specifically designed to address women's health concerns, will be available for purchase in mid-2023. To stay up to date on Evie's launch, visit

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