Evie, the Smart Ring for Women from Movano Health, Available for Order Today

Evie, the Smart Ring for Women from Movano Health, Available for Order Today

November 20, 2023

Unique Design, Women-Focused Metrics and Cross-Data Trend Analysis Set a New Bar for Wearables

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Movano Health (Nasdaq: MOVE) begins taking orders for the Evie Ring, the smart ring designed specifically for women, today at 12 pm EST. An innovative and comfortable form factor, a focus on helping women track and analyze their health and fitness, and an emphasis on big-picture data interpretation rather than individual activity scores set Evie apart from other wearables, providing a valuable new tool for women seeking to take control of their health.

Built from the ground up using research that uncovers the differences between men's and women's biomarkers as well as interviews with more than 1,000 women about their health and wellness needs, Evie monitors key health and wellness metrics. Biometric sensors track sleep stages and duration, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, skin temperature trends, steps, active minutes, and calorie burn; while users log information ranging from mood and menstrual symptoms, which enables the estimation of periods and ovulation, to illness, stress and alcohol consumption.

These core functions are integrated into a smart ring and companion app that break new ground in the wearable space. Unique features include:

  • An award-winning open design. Evie was designed with a small gap in the ring surface and slight flex in the scratch-resistant metal to accommodate daily fluctuations in finger size due to hormonal changes and other variables, ensuring a comfortable fit at all times.
  • Personalization with dynamic goal adjustment. Evie recognizes that a good day looks different for everyone and people have different health priorities, so it allows users to set both daily and weekly activity and recovery goals in five different areas (active minutes, steps, calorie burn, sleep and mood/symptom logging). The app automatically adjusts goals that are consistently missed or exceeded to keep users engaged and motivated.
  • An industry-first Daily Summary that celebrates daily wins. Evie aggregates each day's activities and recovery into a single graphic that dynamically displays the user's progress toward each goal, enabling real-time status tracking and delivering a more holistic view than the individual activity and performance scores used by other wearables. Achieving goals triggers animated "celebrations" that reward users' efforts and foster a sense of accomplishment.   
  • AI-based insights based on analyzing multiple data points. Evie also utilizes a custom AI tool to search for correlations across different data types, then shares any trends that it identifies on the app's Notifications tab. Whether it's "We've noticed your mood improves when you get 1000 more steps than your average" or "Your sleep may be interrupted during this phase of your menstrual cycle due to a dip in progesterone," these insights can help users modify their behaviors to optimize their daily routines.  

Evie also includes a Spot Check feature enabling users to measure their heart rate and blood oxygen levels at any time, day or night. This is a useful function that can help users who aren't feeling well determine whether to consult with their healthcare providers.

The ring has 4+ days of battery life, and recharges in just 60 minutes. Additionally, Evie comes with a portable charging case that holds 10+ ring charges so users can charge their ring from anywhere and at any time. 

The Evie Ring is available exclusively through www.eviering.com in gold, rose gold, and silver finishes and in sizes 5-12 with a complimentary sizing kit for those who don't know their ring size. It costs $269 with no subscription fees. Ring orders will ship January 2024.

About Movano Health  
Founded in 2018, Movano Inc. (Nasdaq: MOVE) dba Movano Health is developing a suite of purpose-driven healthcare solutions to bring medical-grade, high-quality data to the forefront of consumer health devices. Featuring modern form factors, Movano Health's devices capture a comprehensive picture of a person's vital health information and uniquely translate the data into personalized and intelligent insights that empower consumers to live healthier and more balanced lives. Movano Health's end-to-end solutions will soon enable consumers and their healthcare professionals to utilize daily medical-grade data as a tool to proactively monitor and manage health outcomes.  For more information on Movano Health, visit https://movanohealth.com/.

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